2024 Annual Town Meeting


Pile of statistical business reports.

Through this article, the Town accepts the reports of every department and committee in town for the previous calendar year.

This article approves the operating budgets for the Town, SPS and L-SRHS for the year starting on July 1, 2024. The budget includes personnel, contractual services, goods and debt payments. See Town Manager’s Proposed FY25 Budget; FY25 SPS Budget and FY25 L-SRHS Budget for details.

This article includes capital needs for the Town that are under $100,000. A list of FY25 Capital Projects can be found on page FS-16 of the Town Meeting Warrant.

Check list with green tick

Consent Calendar

Articles with “Consent Calendar” after their title are considered routine and not debated during Town Meeting unless 7 or more voters request it. A list of Consent Calendar items can be found starting on page vii on the Town Meeting Warrant.

Opioid Pain Medication

This article seeks to replace the Opioid Stabilization Fund with a special revenue fund, which would expedite the Health Department’s ability to expend money obtained in opioid settlements.


This article seeks to put in place zoning regulations for firearms businesses in Sudbury. An Information Session on the topic was held in March.

This article seeks to acquire two historic railroad structures - the Section Tool House and the South Sudbury Train Station - to ensure their preservation.

Car charging at electric car charging station. Electric vehicle

This article seeks to fund public electric car charging stations at the Goodnow Library.

This article seeks to replace culverts and associated structures throughout town, including old corrugated metal pipe that deteriorates over time.

building permit


This article seeks to increase fees for some Building and Conservation Department permits (unchanged since 2009 and 1999, respectively) in order to keep pace with inflation and the cost of providing associated services.

This article seeks to repair or replace Atkison Pool components, such as the roof, dehumidification unit and tile, which have reached the end of their useful life.

Legal Books Law Reports

This article seeks to make changes needed to finalize the codification of Sudbury’s General and Zoning Bylaws.

Site Planning

This article would direct appeals to Site Plan decisions to Land or Superior Court, rather than the Zoning Board.

Pink and Green Hearts Illustration

This citizen petition seeks to add “Disability” to the Equal Opportunity category list in Sudbury’s Bylaw.

Town Homes
Key on House Door for Newly Sold House

This article would add multi-family housing zoning districts at the Meadow Walk and Cold Brook Crossing residential developments in order to comply with MBTA Community Zoning requirements.

This article would update Sudbury Zoning Bylaw language to remain compliant with MBTA Communities Zoning standards.

2024 Annual Town Meeting